It’s been long since my last post.  Well, here is another, of The Black Keys’ Tighten Up.  Love this video.


Did I ever mention how much I love Dallas Clayton’s work?

I must seem very lazy lately since all that I’ve been posting are videos.  But it’s so contrary to the fact because ever since the craziness of school has all ended (thankfully!), I’ve started a new craziness… of work.  The slowed economy and the downsizing of many design firms in the city has kept me concerned about finding a job for the last couple months of school but everything seemed to have worked out and now I’ve got not 1, not 2, but 3 jobs!  Ok, they’re all part time and contract based but it’s filling up my hours far more than I thought.  So the time I have left I mainly use for sleeping.  And every now and then I need some entertainment, thus the videos.  Here is another, hope you enjoy.

I love Zooey Deschanel. And her music project with M. Ward is pretty rad too.

Sometimes, letting go of something can be the most liberating experience. We tend to hold on to so many things, goals, possessions, ideas, relationships, etc and it’s hard to see that it’s not exactly what makes us happy. On the contraire, it might even make us miserable, not knowing that we are trying to make an impossible situation to work the way we hope. I’m letting go of everything! I’ve decided to stop chasing hopes and dreams and to start focusing on everything and everyone I have around me, because life is already beautiful.

L’Ogre Production creates awesome video for French Band, Hold Your Horses! – 70 Million.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Olympics came with a bang and left with an even bigger one.  The biggest party that this normally deemed “No Fun City” put on was epic, with the German House needing to import more beer 10 days into the games (we drank more than both Salt Lake and Torino combined) and then we had the first ever Olympic shortage of condoms when the Olympic Village’s supply started to dip way too dangerously low.  Yup.  The city buzzed so loud I finally lost all resistance to boycott the Olympics and joined in all the free festivities.  I actually had the time of my life thanks to the games and the Canadian spirit that it brought out of us.  There were many events, houses, pavilions, concerts and art shows that I had missed out on but I think that the bigger the Olympics fever, the bigger the withdrawal.  I had a good fill and here are some things that made the games good for me.

Thanks for bringing one of my favourite bands all the way from France and to allow for one night of stage stomping madness.

Free Live Shows
The last 2 weeks had a crazy lineup of Canadian and International performers, from local favs such as Hot Hot Heat, Dan Mangan, Bend Sinister, and Mother Mother to other big acts like Deadmau5, Girl Talk, Wilco, and Damian Marley. I didn’t get a chance to see too many of them but I am proud to say that our city has great taste in music.

I’m a bit torn on this one. On the one hand, the Olympics brought with it 2 weeks chock full of amazing art in all forms from theatre to dance to visual. On the other, the games cost the city its art funding, drastically reducing it to much less than half of what it was. It is a shame that what this city chose to showcase to the world, the talents that make this city beautiful, will be stripped of their support.

Beautiful People
Walking around downtown, it’s hard not to notice all the beautiful people that the Olympics brought out from other parts of Canada and the rest of the world. The streets were filled with a colourful, non-discriminating sea of friendly faces. And how hot were all the athletes?

Although the Olympic was a Vancouver event, it united the country like I have never ever seen it before. People here have never been more proud to be Canadian. We weren’t the only host here, it was Canada’s event.

Sidney Crosby
I had about 3 heart attacks during the gold medal hockey game and almost couldn’t handle the intensity anymore when Crosby scored the winning goal and MADE MY EFFIN DAY!

So now the games are over and everybody goes back to their regular life. I’m expecting to have to fork over a lot to cover for the cost of the big ol’ party.

Erykah Badu ft. Lil Wayne

I heard of Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party a while back when they were just a small group of people wanting to party on the streets so that they can avoid all the hoopla of Vancouver lineups and high cover charge bull****.  Armed with multiple boom boxes, trampolines and colourful spandex getups, the group roams the streets of secret destinations and party along the way.  I’ve been wanting to join in on their fun for a long while but my busy schedule has prevented me from their crazy parties.  I’ve watched each of their dance party videos and the crowd in each got larger and crazier than the last.  With Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and now the Olympics, they’ve had many opportunities to create all the ruckus with little hassle from the authority but I’m thinking once the games are over and all the tourists are gone, the cops will definitely crack down a little harder.  I just saw the last video of the party they had last weekend downtown, and it was insane!  Granville street was completely taken over in a sea of red and white with everyone singing O’ Canada and the even more proudly Canadian anthem, the Hockey Song.  I’m so glad someone is stirring up all this patriotic madness.  The last Decentralized Dance Party of the Olympics will be happening this Saturday, I am so there.

I’m really diggin Diesel’s Spring campaign.

I’ve posted about this blog before but I really really like the thoughtful notes and pretty images that the author puts up.  Her messages are so inspiring and she basically takes the words out of my mouth.

notebook doodles

In July, Brazilian artists of Mulheres Barbadas did a live drawing in a studio space to completely cover all visible surfaces with illustrations within 5 days.  Micasa of Sao Paulo provided the furniture and fixtures.  Here is a look of their first 4 days.

Mulheres Barbadas.  Check out their old website where they offer free high res downloads of their artwork.  So awesome.

Micasa.  Wicked website

Alexander Jansson is a brilliant illustrator, animator, artist.

If you’re looking for some fantastic entertainment, great live music, good food in a lovely setting and free cover fee, you should head down to Vancouver City Limits at the Rowing Club on Friday nights.  On February 26th they’ll be featuring my friend, Mississippi Live, an amazing artist transplanted from the south but with a heart of a Vancouverite.  Come show some love!


Very cool. Actually, I just saw this on LikeCool… BBC’s trailer to their coverage of the 2010 Olympics.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


I opened up the computer today to a mass of farewells to McQueen and was initially worried that another high fashion house has succumbed to the global economic problems. A little bit of a dig lead me to much more tragic news as I learned that Alexander McQueen, the rebellious bad boy designer of UK, my hero, has committed suicide just days following the death of his mother and has passed away in his home. I join the world in mourning the loss of the iconic artist. R.I.P.

A very cute & simple commercial by Google aired during the Superbowl.

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